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Oh figure it out without the intro. Come on, you weren't going to read it anyway >:) All the important stuff is in the news below and on the hints/tips pages.

April 29/2003

  • Holy crap it's been a while. Some clown emailed me today reminding me to update the site "Dude, update your site!".

  • I'll be updating links today, especially those for the mods and news on the 1.4 patch.

February 19/2003

February 4/2003

  • Damn 1.3 Patch F*cked up everything. Buy RTR but don't go to 1.3 until they release a patch for the patch for fix the bugs the patch made ;-)

  • I'm updating the AA gun tips, since they've sucked since 1.2 (lead increased) and now in 1.3 they've been reduced in power by like 50% so you'll need to do it right now or you'll suck.

February 3/2003

January 16/2003

January 13/2003

  • For the love of GOD, go download Soldier9's mod from the links page right now!

  • I was working out and really hurt myself today, check it out, this is what I did and now I can't move my shoulders or neck and my chin is really sore :(

January 9/2003

  • New Road To Rome review available from Gamespot.

  • I was asked a question about Viewdistance for Player Tags. This is what I 'know' from Ranger Lee in the MMGN forum.

    Rangers Lead the Way3/75

    Registered: Aug 2002
    Location: USA
    Posts: 261

    There is a server config file in the bf1942 folder. There you can set the distance for the friendly and enemy tags. I do not know the exact name of the file off hand. We use a gui system to set up and run the CiE server and with that we just have to adjust a slider which makes it easy.

    So just check out the config files and you will see it there, change the tag view number and you are set!


January 8/2003

  • Do you run a server? Check out the links page for a link to a Remote Server Tool with AUTOKICK!!! Works with PING and NEGATIVE scores. Finally!!!!

January 6/2003

  • What are your statz? How do you rank in the world or BF1942? Check them out HERE!

  • Soldier 9 Patched his Mod to 2.11, get it here (I'll get a direct file link in a bit.

  • GO AND BUY A FLIGHTSTICK right now. Your flying will improve 500% and people will be afraid of you. >:) Go get one now!

  • Added some info from Subliminal to my Coral Sea Carrier Strat. Good ideas there.

December 31/2002

  • I added a bunch of mod links. I recommend installing the Merciless Historical Addon, then the BOB textures, then install the Solder 9 and the Desert Combat (buggy but cool) and use ASE and the filter I posted today. You'll never look back!

  • HOLY SHIT! I tried out the "Soldier 9" and "Desert Combat" mods last night and let me be the 3rd to tell you, GO AND TRY THEM!!!! Use them with ASE it's waaay easier. And use Tragically Oblivious' ASE Filter walkthrough to automatically activate the right mod on connect to a game.

  • I added a link to the Desert Storm Mod too. Who doesn't want to fly an A10 and use a gatling-gun on some tanks?

  • Oh, and Happy New Year you freaks.

December 30/2002

December 23/2002

  • Added Attacking an Aircraft Carrier tutorial, I'll be adding an alternate 1.1 version later on today because there ARE 2 ways to do it :)

  • Fixed the Torpedo Bomber article nice and good.

  • Cleaned up the Hints/Tips a little.

  • I'm working on a strategy for the new Coral Sea Map. Got ideas? Screenshots? LET ME KNOW!

  • Added link to EA trailers for Road To Rome and maps. Woohoo Fun!

  • How about screenies!!

December 20/2002

December 9/2002

December 2/2002

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