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Merciless Creations Historic Addon Version 3.6 for Battlefield 1942 v1.2. This addon and the accompanying files are client side mods, and fully compatible with either the North American or European 1.2 patch from EA. For a full installation, there are 4 parts to this addon. MC Historic addon v3.6 MC BloodFX MC TextureSets addon v1.0 MC Battle of the Bulge-TexturePack addon Please see the Intallation guide posted below. What is included in this addon: ---------------------------------------------- 16 Hand designed custom loader screens -They show the briefing of the battle, the battle history, the geographic location, the side and units involved, the time of day / weather and also historic propaganda posters for both opposing sides of the event or occuring time period. 100% Accurate Historic Flags in all tickets, bases, and screens. This includes single player and multiplayer screens. Base Untakable Flags - This was changed to a full flag image. It is obvious where base owned HQ areas are now. Icon changes to end game stats images - Awards and Kills. Instead of a trophy there is a golden star. Secondly, instead of 4 arrows pointing to a soldier there is a simple crosshair. Bullet Loader - Changed the loader image to a bullet magazine. Fixed player arrow for the minimap - Will show team color and small image. 1942 Startup Movie removal Hi Res flag textures for base flags outdoors. Engineer Reticle changed to provide greater accuracy. This will also show when using the knife, grenade and some guns nests. The Flak 38 reticle has been cleaned up and darkened somewhat. Revamped the crosshair to support large flak burst aiming. Respawn Location Icon changed - The icon on the minimap is now a bright yellow color for much easier identification of where you want to respawn to. Long Flashing Radio Call on GUI - When players radio call in requests, their location will flash longer than the new default time. This allows for easier target identification for notifications. Flak Cannon Sounds - Flak cannon sound was reduced in dB while actual flak bursts where increased in dB with all new accurate sounds. Sinking Ship Alarm Sound - Increased in dB and changed to reflect more accurate sound. BloodFX - Customized blood fx engine that shows blood particle FX (the most realistic 1942 blood ever!) Enhanced Crosshair Reticle - Easier viewing during gameplay. Compatible with Merciless TextureSets addon and all future TexturePacks! =============== Revision History : =============== Version 3.6 - Fixed bugs in Installer app. Removed 3rd person InfCam slowed server and client side performance and other issues. (NEW!) We've removed the dirt and debris from the sniper scope lens. Version 3.5 - Compatible with 1.2. mods design. Fixed typo on all Russia campaign loader screens. Added 3rd person camera, long flashing radio call time, new respawn gui icon, new flak88 crosshair, new flak cannon and flak burst sounds, new sinking ship sounds. Never before seen BloodFX that actually shows particle effects on each gunshot (now you can see sniper shots a mile away). Also altered the crosshair deviation to remove vanishing during use of pistol (while you are running with main gun, crosshair will harder to see but still allow true depth perspective aiming). Fixed installer application to allow users to choose to install the BloodFX addon. If you are using any other Blood mod... please remove your current blood mod and try this BloodFX addon (we guarantee you won't be disappointed!) Version 3.2 - Fixed typographical errors and corrected images on Bocage, Guadalcanal, Market Garden and Kursk loader screens. Added autoinstaller / uninstaller. Added correct historical swastica logos for german fighters in Africa and other campaigns. Version 3.0 - Added 16 new loader screens. Added new textured blood and corrected end game stat images. Version 1.0 - Everything else. About the TextureSets addon: ----------------------------------------------- This pack contains a community standardized configuration for using 'map specific textures' for all map meshes/objects (tanks, planes, infantry, uniforms, foliage, buildings, etc.) This addon supports the default 16 maps and will allow the installer to add or remove textures for each map labeled under the mod name and then the map name. This addon was made by modders for modders of 1942 but even non modders can use this and future TexturepPacks with "drag and drop" ease. --- How this mod opens the doors to 1942 'Map Specific Textures'--- The default mod is set to BF1942 (if you are using the Merciless 1942 addon #1 or no custom mods). The init.con file sets the \MC1942 mod to override any \BF1942 mod files if they exist. Therefore the 16 maps for the original 1942 are in the \Battlefield 1942\Mods\MC1942\archives\bf1942\levels\ folder and override the init.con map file in each of the maps. Simple. This addon then will work with the default SP and MP games with no issues. Once your 1942 has been converted to this TextureSet mod, then you can drop in textures per map at your discretion or load in texturepacks which will come out in the future from the community. Also for new maps coming out, using this standard, map developers can customize each map to suit the way they want it to look. If you want that P-51 to be shiny on this new map... add in the textures... If you want all the German and Sherman tanks to have snow on this map... add in the textures. About the BloodFX addon: ------------------------------------------ This addon is included with the Merciless 1942 Version 3.5 or available stand alone. This new feature took 5 days and many, many, many hours of painful trial and error to get just right. We hope that it makes everyone excited using it as much as it does for us. Never before has blood in 1942 looked so real with collision detection particle effects. Once you snipe an enemy from a valley away and see the blood drip off the falling corpse... well... you will mercilessly laugh in glee. About the TexturePack for Battle of the Bulge --------------------------------------------------------- In an effort to add to the realism in the Battle of the Bulge map, Prowlinger and I have added additional snow to buildings, equipment and, where required, winter camouflage to German vehicles. Where possible, many of the default vehicle markings/insignia have been added or improved. Their placements have been changed to more closely represent where they would have been in reality. This is NOT a complete Europe texturepack, we have only changed textures required in the Battle of the Bulge map. ============================= Textures included in this Texture set. ============================= (NEW!) --==Killah==--'s 2nd Infantry Division "Warriors" Uniform Reskin. This new reskin was designed to represent the M1943 uniforms worn by members of the US 2nd Infantry Division and is only available with this addon. Added M1943 olive drab uniform. Added "Indian head" arm insignia Added netting to helmets. Added lace up russet red boots. ------------------------------- (UPDATED!) --==Killah==--'s Waffen SS Winter Camouflage (Version 2) This skin was designed to represent the winter camouflage used by the Waffen SS. These uniforms are now darker than the original files currently posted on your site. Changed the M40 Tunic to a White Type II Tarnjacke (smock) White trousers Changed collar to grey. Added "SS" collar tabs. Winter camouflaged helmets. Added "SS" belt buckle. Camouflaged backpack. Added Snowshoes. Added Wool gloves. Added Wool balaclava. Added Felt boots. --------------------------- German Vehicles --------------------------- The Panzer IV, Wespe, Tiger and Hanomag all have winter camouflage (whitewash) and snow/frost along with 1st SS Divisional insignia (double crossed keys and oak leaves) *Applied the "kills" markings to the cannon barrel on the Tiger. *Wespe now has the Nazi flag atop. A practice which was quite common in WWII. *Kubelwagon also has snow/frost applied to finish out the set. ----------------------- Allied Vehicles ----------------------- The Priest, Sherman, M10 Wolverine, M3APC all have snow/frost along with Divisional markings. (Since there were a mix of tank battalions and Divisions (10th, 4th, etc.), I've not made them specific.) *The Willys GP has also had snow/frost added. ********************** * INSTALLATION * ********************** IMPORTANT: --------------------- 1) You must remove any and all previously installed mods to prevent conflicts and problems with either the full or partial installations. 2) You must already have applied EA's BF1942 1.2 patch update to use these addons or you will receive installation errors. (cannot find init.con, for example.) We've broken things up to provide you with more installation options. Full Install ----------------- With full installation, you'll have the historic addon, fixes, BloodFx, map-specific textures and Battle of the Bulge texture package. 1) Download then extract the installer and run it. (installs BloodFx and TextureSets)(Read the prompts carefully) 2) Download the then extract the installer and run it. (You will not be able to use this file without having completed the Merciless TextureSets installation.) Partial Install --------------------- You can install either or both of these files. Should you opt to install only the Merciless TextureSets addon, download, then extract the installer and run it. You'll have map-specific texture capability but no custom textures and no other changes to your game. Should you opt to install the BloodFX addon, download the, then extract the installer and run it. Viola! You'll have all the blood you can handle! Links: -------- Merciless TextureSets addon v1.0 (Standalone)(Map-specific Textures) Merciless Creations BOB TexturePack addon (Battle of the Bulge Textures) Merciless BloodFX (Standalone) --------------------------------------- Best Regards, Prowlinger --==Killah==-- "We Mod Mercilessly!"

Info on Soldier 9 Realism Mod [HOME]

Soldier 9's Realism Mod v2.1

First off, hello to all you newcomers to BF, and a nod to the veterans. I am here to herald in the news of Soldier 9's Realism Mod v2.1. First off the features:

1. New tanks: Firefly (replaces Sherman)
PanzerIV H (replaces original PanzerIV)
2. Firefly has a gun which rivals that of the Tiger, Panzer IV H has a more powerful gun.
3. BF109 re-done: MG's are now in correct spot (above the nose) and there is a 37mm nose cannon with 25 rounds.
4. Spitfire: Has 8 MG's in the wings and carries one bomb. It has a lot of ammo, but burns it fast with 8 MG's.
5. P51: Has 6 MG's in the wings, and has larger ammo capacity. No bombs.
6. Corsair: Has 6 MG's in the wings, and more ammo. Also has 1 bomb.
7. Yak9: Has 1 MG and one 20mm Nose cannon. (both are in the engine area)
8. Zero: Has 2 engine cowl MG's and dual 20mm wing cannon's.
9. Panzer4H and Firefly have full texture set. (New textures done by L3_Dog)
10. MG42 and Browning have new shiny skins. (They look more worn out)
11. New projectile's created under the common folder: a 20mm projectile and a 37mm projectile.
12. New flags.
13. M1 Garand Added to the game. United States Engineer carries this rifle. No4 Rifle still exists, and M1 is seperate.


1. All statistics have been COMPLETELY redone.
2. Infantry weapons are incredibly lethal to other infantry.
3. Det. Packs are the most effective anti-heavy armor weapon.
4. Bazooka/Panzershreck 's are now most effective against Light Tanks
5. Flak Guns rate of fire is now correct. (wow)
6. Flak Guns can run out of ammo.
7. Anything that shoots a bullet can kill infantry in 1-2 shots.
8. Guns like smg's are only effective to about 200 meters.(Also: Thompson is most effective smg within 50 meters,
after that, the Mp40 is more effective, 9mm carries energy better)
9. No4 rifle now correctly holds 10 rounds.
10. Infantry have tons more ammo.
11. Grenades Decimate infantry within 15 meters.
12. Tiger tank is REEEEEAAAAALLY slow.
13. New music, and new menu picture.
14. Tiger tank can kill almost any tank in 1 good shot.
15. Artillery can now kill things fast. (1 shell)(I mean... These were BIG guns.)
16. Airplanes bomb loads corrected.
17. Bombs destroy all.
18. Torpedo Loads corrected.
19. Allies better learn to use planes... that or Det. Packs. (How else you gonna kill a Tiger???)
20. Oh yeah, you can use a bazooka or two to the rear armor. (thin)
21. Wolverine (M10) is fast, a tin can, and a powerful gun.
22. T34 is a good tank. (Until you see a Tiger)
23. OT-34/85 is the most effective all-around allied tank.(Wolverine can kill but if Axis see's it... I pity the fool)
24. Sherman's arent cream of the crop anymore. They are fast with not much armor.
25. Chi-ha? Well thank goodness it only has to face a Sherman.
26. Well at least sherman can beat a Chi-ha (Panzer 4 if your really good or really lucky)
27. Jeeps and Kubelwagons hold 4 passengers! (Base work on 4 passengers, done by Petreak)
28. Tank turrets rotate slower. (Yay)
29. B17 has a new bomb loadout: 20 - 100lb bombs.
30. Katyusha and B17 Rate of Fire is way up.
31. Dive bomber bombs have a larger damage raduis, so do Battleships.
32. There is an extra spot on the Sherman, the Panzer 4, and the T-34 w/mg.
This spot can serve as a place for a tank commander, or a place for the MG'er to hide.
33. Colt model 1911 now holds 7 rounds.
34. Artillery shells have higher velocity, and thus a longer range.
35. T-34 Cannon damage has been improved, its higher now.
36. Plane's Rate of fire is Sky High. (running out of ammo high)
37. Torpedo loads on Submarines has been re-done.
38. Stuka dive drag has been re-calculated.
39. Tank armor is more realistic.
40. Grenades do no damage to any tank, except for the M10 Wolverine, but even then it is only under very limited circumstances that it gets hurt at all.
41. Panzer 4 is just a wee bit more sucky.
42. Bazooka/Panzerschrek damage range increased, so is flight velocity. (Grin)

Now for a little more info on the mod we have Maj. Koeing

502 Robinson: So realism eh? People seem to shy away from that do you think that will detract from gameplay?

Maj. Koeing: Maybe....but I feel if you don't want realism, you would play quake.

502 Robinson: So I hear you have the M1 in game. Wouldn’t that make all allies have that? Kind of detracts from the realism wouldn’t you say?

Maj. Koeing: The No. 4 is still in place as a British weapon.

502 Robinson: I see that 2.1 adds new tanks. Are these Da Crapper’s I saw on the BF match forums?

Maj. Koeing: Yes. We have permission from him to use some tanks
We will be doing our own models now

502 Robinson: So this mod is really growing?

Maj. Koeing: We have definitely grown from when I started; we have 3 very talented modelers…and one of the best coders in the community.

502 Robinson: Do you plan future versions?

Maj. Koeing: In the next update, we are planning things that have only been dreamed of. They are very complex, and Soldier9 is working a lot on the code.

Pek101: Can you give us a little more info on that?

Maj. Koeing: Let’s just say, you will be able to play weapon wise.....Thin Red Line, Saving Private Ryan and Enemy at the Gates, and be historically correct.

Pek101: So we will be getting new weapons for the Russians and Japanese now?

Maj. Koeing: In 2.5, there will be AT LEAST new guns for Russia and Japan.
They will have their historical sets. They will also have new skins.

Wow the future of Soldier 9’s Realism Mod looks very promising. I can’t wait. Version 2.1 should be out tomorrow. Keep checking back for a dl link. If you are new to BF, and aren’t sure about mods don’t worry. Patch 1.2 for BF paved the way for mods and using them is now easier than ever. Simply install the mod and start BF, go to multiplayer and click custom game. Find Soldier 9’s Realism Mod and click activate. Simply click Bf 1942 and activate to go back to normal BF. I hope you can dl this mod and enjoy its addition to our wonderful game Battlefield 1942.

Soldier 9 Realism Mod Team
Maj. Koeing---Accuracy, and skinning


Coral Sea Map Release Notes [HOME]

Map Description
Coral Sea is an exciting new map set in the Pacific theater. The action is fast and furious as players test their piloting skills with a total of 24 planes available on the map. The action isn’t limited to dogfighting however as each side has a carrier that they need to defend at all costs. To win, you’ll need to sink the enemy carrier, and then fly through a buoy that appears amidst the wreckage of the ship. Throw in some land-based AA guns and a defensive gun or two in the mix, and you’ve got our latest recipe for a great Battlefield 1942 holiday treat!

Coral Sea was designed to play with 24 players. We recommend sever settings of 24 players for the Coral Sea map.


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