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Last updated 04/29/2003 10:28:18 AM EST

Attacking an Aircraft Carrier
What Every New Player Should Know
Activating a "Mod"
Yellow Submarine

Avoiding & Killing a yellow submarine

Server Requirements
Can I see the maps please?

Using the AA Guns (flak)!

Driving over mines without the BOOM

The Classes

Admin Server Commands

Voice Command List

Piloting and defending the carrier solo
What's the use of the A.P.C.?

Stupid Splash Screens at Startup!

Help! I can't get out of the landing boat!

Default Control Keys

Disarming Land Mines for Dollars

Steering your Parachute
Starting/Filtering Mods in ASE
B17 Fire in the Sky
WTF I don't speak Japanese!

Boy Scout Guide

Tanks, you gotta love 'em

Do expaks hurt the ships?

The Vehicles

Effective Use of Artillery 1.2

Engineers with Flubber can Fly!

Dedicated Server?

Moving inside a vehicle

Need ammo on foot/tank/plane?

Torpedo Bomber How-To

Looking around in a plane

Flying 101

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These tips are either written by me or copied from forum postings/websites/readme.txt and sources have been indicated because I'm not a content thief.





How to Steer the Parachute [top] [home]

If you're lucky enough to get to freefall for a while, eventually you'll have to pull the chord and descend to the ground gracefully dropping nades on the heads of everyone below.

You CAN steer! Just point in the direction you want to go, and press forward ("W") and you'll float that way. BAM. Just like that.

Now go and parachute onto rooftops, trees, carrier-decks! No more "Damn, I was so close!"

BTW: if your chute doesn't open sometimes, I find it best to just hit "9" repeatedly until it opens up.



What new players should know [top] [home]

Given the teamwork nature of the game, and the ample opportunity for mistakes to be made, there is a great need for a code of conduct or a basic list of do's and don'ts. If you find yourself being tk'd all the time or people yell at you and you don't know why, maybe you should keep reading....

Poor gamer's etiquette (·w·Oblivious)

I had a frustrating night of people TKing me both on purpose and (I assume) accidentally which is what has driven me to snap and post. I think I set some kind of record for getting TKed last night! I'm not playing BF to get gratitude, but seeing otherwise good players who do the stuff below gets a bit annoying. Here's what I mean:

CF Client had something to add:

Here are the examples of bad playing...

Example 1 - Wacking each other for the airplanes.
Example 2 - Too many Sniper Wannabe. You don't need 15 snipers in 30 players team.
Example 3 - Can we have some Engineers to go with the Tanks?
Example 4 - Moving the ships (especially carriers) close to the Island. You dumb sh*t!
Example 5 - You don't attack the middle section of the Island where every machine guns, tanks, snipers, and Germans are here waiting to break your ballz. My tactics is that always target Air Base, steal their wings, attack corners, flanks and sandwich them.
Example 6 - Single tank against 5 Anti-Tankers. LOL. Always attack as a fist. Attack a base with three Tanks and few Engineers.
Example 7 - A great 64 players game. A team of 30 cyber friends. How about do some team work and read the God damn messages from your teammates. "Where is my backup?"
Example 8 - Artillery Fire doesn't always go where you want it. You should communicate with Battleships. Giving them locations. Pick scout and use binoculars then, when some scout is using binoculars, you click ALT fire, when using artillery, you see what the scout sees and you can SEE if you need to fire more to the left, right, top or down.
Example 9 - Destroyers. Can you sink the god damn subs? Because that's what they designed for.
Example 10 - "Requesting a pickup" 10 times? STFU and walk
Example 11 - "Enemy Submarine Spotted".. Do they have subs in desert? Do you mean the ones in Sci-Fi movies? It's WW2. Maybe you should go back to 1st grade.
Example 12 - Leaving the position you captured. If see you are the only one there (from the top right head corner of your screen), then keep your a** there or you will lose the position.

One more thing, Thanks to all medics and engineers. I give them 5 stars! They are the greatest! They saved my a** many times and always type "Thanks" to them!






Avoiding or Killing the Yellow Submarine [top] [home]

As Destroyer

You are the designated submarine hunter if there are subs on your level. You are the only ship equipped with sonar and depth charges and you need to protect the other ships from subs by searching them out and destroying them. If no one is taking care of the carrier or battleship, make sure they are hidden or protected by another destroyer or YOU. Losing one of those big ships really takes down your team's tickets like there's no tomorrow. Lose one of them and you probably won't get them back :(

Here's what you do:

  1. Keep moving. Drive using the map and watch your sonar. Stay at least your sonar's width away from shore at all times (preferably further out as the subs will stay on the sea side at all times). If you're playing artillery, you have to watch your back all the time for a sub sneaking up on you.

  2. Keep moving. The destroyer is pretty fast so you can sweep the map and find the sub really quickly in most cases. Since the subs will be trying to point at you to kill you, they can be quickly overrun and you can start on #3, blowing them to Davey Jones' Locker.

  3. Watch your sonar AND lookout for the periscopes. If you see a grey pole sticking out of the water, it's not the Loch Ness Monster, it's a periscope and you better get moving or you're the one going to Davey Jones' Locker.

  4. Blow them to Davey Jones' Locker. Using your sonar as a guide, drive right over top of the sub and right click (from position #1) to drop depth charges. After 2-3 good hits the sub will be toast. There is no trick to this, just use your sonar and map, drive right on top of him and drop those barrels as quick as you can, and you can drop them pretty quick.

As Carrier or Battleship

  1. Keep moving. You cannot see subs that are submerged so if you can, keep moving or you're toast. It's hard for subs to hit moving targets.

  2. Keep moving. Stay close to a destroyer if you can, as they are your only defense.

  3. Look for the Loch Ness Monster. If you see a periscope, Keep Moving! And Call out "Submarine Spotted" so your destroyer knows to come and save your sorry ass. If you can actually see the deck of the sub, he has accidentally surfaced and you can shoot him. 1 or 2 shots from your deck guns and he's dead. AA Guns from a carrier will work too.


"We all kill in a Yellow Submarine"[top] [home]

How the hell do I dive in this freakin thing!

How do I sink those ships?

What is that beeping sound!?


Driving over mines without the BOOM [top] [home]

You can do 1 of 3 things.

  1. Be a good engineer and use your wrench to clear the mines.

  2. If FF is off and you know they're friendly mines, just drive over them.

  3. OR, you can drive really slowly over them and they won't go off. Just tap your "W" key to move forward slow, really slow, but not annoyingly slow, and they won't go off!

Do Detpacks and mines hurt the carrier/destroyer? [top] [home]

Not really. Some people have used like 20 expaks on the carrier to no effect. I have yet to see anyone sink either ship with anything but bombs or torpedos or shore cannons or kamakazie attacks or (best yet) as an allied soldier you can, I repeat can use the AA guns on the carrier to shoot the side of the ship if you're so inclined. It will take a while but you can sink the destroyer or the carrier this way ;)

Flying 101 [top] [home]

Are you having trouble flying? Do you consider those airplanes as
nothing more than flying coffins? Are your buddies making fun of 
you while they fly upside-down underneath those bridges?

Well, read the following and soon they'll be the ones running for
cover when you appear in the skies overhead. If this is your first
time flying, you'll want to try the single-seat fighters first. 
Then the dive-bombers and finally the B-17 Heavy Bomber. Good luck 
and good hunting! Note that the B-17 will only be available in the
full game.

- Is the fine art of flying with the mouse eluding you? If so, try 
the style preferred by the developer, DICE, keyboard kombat. You 
can have a more stable flying experience by using the arrow keys 
on your keyboard, without all the ups and downs of mouse flying. 
And if that doesn't suit you, grab a joystick and try flying with 
that. But be warned, this isn't a flight-simulator...so the game 
won't support all of those nifty feature like a hat-switch and 

- Is your natural inclination when flying to pull back or push 
forward to go up? In either case, Battlefield 1942 supplies you 
with the controls to do either. To toggle the invert function on/
off go to Main Menu>Options>Controls>AIR tab and check or uncheck 

- Setting the sensitivity of the mouse control can affect how easy 
you control your airplane. To change this setting go to Main Menu>
Options>Controls>AIR tab and move the slider up or down. To see if
the setting suits you, try climbing to altitude and dive then pull
up abruptly. You can always PAUSE the game; press ESC to go the 
main menu and change the setting on the fly. Press ESC to go back 
in the game and see if it's how you like it.

- Dropping bombs is all about skill and putting the iron on the 
spot. Practice makes perfect, but in general you'll always want 
to drop that bomb sooner than you might think. The bomb will arc
forward because of momentum. Use the camera controls F11-12 to 
see how they bombs drop.

- While in the cockpit, hold the mouse-look button down (default 
is Left SHIFT) and use the mouse to look around. Release the 
button to go back to regular flying with the mouse.

- If you want to really experience flying as it was meant to be...
press F9 when you are in the cockpit. This will turn the cockpit 
view OFF (provided the server has Nosecam turned on). You can also
fly in 3rd person mode by pressing F10.

Default Control Keys [top] [home]

Forward/Backward: W/S
Side step: A/D
Crouch: CTRL
Prone: Z
Enter/Exit a Vehicle: E
Select weapon from the inventory: 1-6 OR mouse wheel up/down
Opens a parachute: 9
Pick up kit (change current class): G
Reload: R
Lower / raise landingcraft hatch: Up / Down arrows
Bring the respawn interface down: RETURN
Go back to the menu: ESCAPE


Accellerate/decellerate: W/S
Rudder Left/Right: A/D
Climb/Bank: Mouse
Machine Gun: Left Mouse Button
Bomb/Torpedo: Right Mouse Button
F9: Fullscreen
Hold ALT or CTRL + Mouse: Freelook

Forward/Back: W/S
Left/Right: A/D
Main Cannon: Left Mouse Button
Front Machine Gun: Right Mouse Button

The Vehicles [top] [home]

in a vehicle you can switch positions by using your inventory 
keys 1-6.

The AIRCRAFT CARRIER is close to supplanting the Battleship's 
supremacy on the high seas. With its brood of dive-bombers and 
fighters it can launch attacks outside of the Battleship's range.
It can also protect itself from air attack. The LCVPs at the rear 
of the ship can be used to make beach landings.

The DESTROYER is a multi-purpose ship. Its primary role is as an 
anti-submarine escort, although in this demo you don't have to 
worry about submarines. You can also use its cannons for shore 
bombardment. It has limited defenses against air attacks. The 
LCVP's at the rear of the ship can be used to make beach landings.

The FIGHTER is the fastest and most maneuverable vehicle in the 
sky. It combines excellent air cover and decent ground attack. 

The DIVE BOMBER is a 2-person vehicle which provides excellent 
ground attack with decent air cover. An empty back-gunner 
position is useful when a teammate needs a quick pick-up. 

The LIGHT TANK is an infantryman's worst nightmare. A driver-
controlled cannon and coaxial machinegun coupled with a cupola-
mounted machinegun for anti-air and anti-infantry makes this 
two-person vehicle very versatile. Be careful of Heavy Tanks or 
hidden anti-tank infantry.

The APC vehicle is one of the most versatile vehicles on the 
battlefield. It can provide light armor protection for up to 6 
soldiers as well as anti-air and anti-infantry support from it's 
machinegun. Also, any soldier seated in the passenger compartment 
will automatically be healed and their ammo will be replenished. 
It will also replenish the ammo of any vehicle within a 10 meter 
radius of the APC.

This 2-person vehicle is the fastest on land. It's also the least 
armored. It is best used to quickly penetrate the opponent's line 
or for those quick getaways.

The STATIONARY MG presents a difficult defensive position to 
attacking units. It can cut down any unprotected infantry within 
seconds. It is ineffective against armored tanks. You will also 
want to be careful, as the machinegun is prone to over-heating. 

When you are near a VEHICLE/STATIONARY WEAPON, press E to enter/
exit vehicle


The Classes [top] [home]

The SCOUT KIT is equipped with a long-range sniper rifle, which 
allows him to really reach out and touch someone at a distance. 
He can also spot for teammates who are in an artillery positions 
(vehicle or ship). To do this equip yourself with the binocular 
and press the FIRE button. This will place a camera for a set 
amount of time, which your teammate can use to place his shots. 
You can only spot on one location at a time. In this demo you 
can guide coastal-guns and the rear guns on the destroyer by 
using this system.

1) knife
2) pistol
3) sniper rifle
4) grenades
5) binoculars

The ASSAULT KIT is equipped with an assault rifle, which is best 
when taking out enemy infantry. Due to the guns recoil it is most 
accurate from a stationary position, either crouching or prone.

1) knife
2) pistol
3) assault rifle
4) grenades

The ANTI-TANK KIT is equipped with an anti-vehicle weapon. Most 
vehicles have their heaviest armor in the front, so the best 
tactic when attacking is to hit them in the flank or rear. Be 
careful of enemy infantry.

1) knife
2) pistol
3) rocket launcher
4) grenades

The MEDIC KIT is equipped with a very effective short-range sub-
machinegun. However, the true value of the medic is the ability
to heal teammates. To do that, equip yourself with the MediKit, 
get near the wounded teammate and press the FIRE button. Keep an 
ear open for cries of "MEDIC!". If you look at the MINIMAP you will 
see a red cross icon indicating the wounded teammate's location.

1) knife
2) pistol
3) sub machine gun
4) grenades
5) medikit

The ENGINEER KIT is equipped with a standard issue rifle. The 
rifle has heavy stopping power but a long reload and limited 
ammo capacity. The true value of the engineer is his ability 
to repair vehicles and plant explosives, both landmines and 
demolition packs. To repair a vehicle, equip yourself with the 
wrench and press FIRE while near the damaged vehicle. You can 
also deactivate landmines using your wrench. To detonate the 
demolition packs after you have laid them out press the ALTERNATE 
FIRE button to equip the detonator. Press FIRE to detonate. 
Keep your ears open for teammates who need repairs. They will 
appear in your MINIMAP as a wrench icon.

1) knife
2) pistol
3) rifle
4) demolition pack
5) mines
6) wrench

Help! I can't get out of the landing boat! [top] [home]

Fool, just hold the UP ARROW and the door will lower so you can get out. Do this before you get to land so you don't waste time on the beach.

Engineers/Medics finding people who called you [top] [home]

Press "M" to show the map screen and you'll see a red cross if you're a medic or a wrench if you're an engineer.

Engineers with Flubber can Fly! [top] [home]

a new tactic from AntiBambi

me and kamikazi kel were at R last night and found out a cool tactic for engineers ;) . if u place a few expacks and jump up and detonate them, u fly extremely high, and u dont take any damage (at least not on {R} server). u could fly really long distance by running and jumping, or fly really high by just jumping. but the real tactic is to remember to open ur parachute. i practiced and almost got from one base to the other "leapfrogging". its also hilarious to watch, especially if someone forgets to open their chute. the best way to get height is to drop 4 expacks on a tank and jump, the tanks explosion really sends u into the heavens

lol, its my secret ninja move.

actually, its kinda limited in use, becuz u can only do it on servers with NO team damage, or u will die immediately from the blast.

the secret is u need at LEAST 2 and they have to be very close to each other, but i usually use 3 or 4 for added distance/height. the most important thing is to TIME your jump, so u blow urself up when u are at the height of ur jump, but NOT going down, still going up. now, if u want to go straight up, u jump up right on top of them. if u want to go diagonal, in a direction, u run and jump and while in mid air at top of ur jump (PAST the expacks, if u were looking straight down) u blow urself up. this can send u extreme distances.

however, the thing i think that gets people killed is they forget to open ur parahcute. yes, it does open if ur high enough. the trick is to open it right before u hit so u get good distance and arent a target.

thats the ninja engineer expack move

One Man Carrier Machine [top] [home]

So you're tired of the allies sinking your carrier? Are all your teammates sitting on the flight deck waiting for planes while the allies torpedo you until you're swimming with the fishes? Well, what I do is spawn in the middle of the carrier and then jump into the control tower and start that beast moving. A carrier hidden is a carrier not sunk. I like to move it all the way around the island and then point the flight deck at the enemy airfield so it's easier for my axis pilots to get to the island.

When will I get to the point? How about now? Ok. If I come under attack I press the 2-5 keys to jump to one of the AA guns on the ship. 2 is front left, 3 is front right, 4 is rear left, 5 is rear right. And 1 is the communication tower. EXAMPLE: You are in the communications tower and you hear/see and allied plane approaching from the right. You hit the 3 key to jump to the right front AA gun and fire at the bastard, you then hit 2 to switch to the left side AA gun to fill his ass with flak and BOOM you killed yourself a mofo.

BONUS: If you're an engineer you can just jump out and repair the carrier constantly so it never sinks...

Need ammo? [top] [home]

On Foot

Just get in the back of an APC to get health/ammo or walk up to a box of ammo in a base or in a bunker and you'll be automatically topped up with ammo.

In a Plane

You can either land (ouch!) or fly REALLY low over the carrier or your airfield. I mean REALLY LOW, like 5 feet of the ground and you'll get an ammo refill.

In a Tank

Just drive near the barrels in a base and you'll be topped up nice and automatic like.

Moving inside a vehicle/plane/ship [top] [home]

From the author of "My pilot bailed out and I don't want to..." (SKMD)

So you try to get in a tank and you keep ending up as the top gunner... pretty annoying. Instead of running around to the front of the tank to get in and risk being shot, press the #1 key to jump right in. The #1 key is the driving position of ANY vehicle/plane/ship. If your pilot bails out on you and you're the rear gunner, just hit the #1 key and start flying!

What's the use of the APC? [top] [home]

It's just really slow and sucky right? Wrong! The Armoured Personnel Carrier is heavily armoured and can take 3-4 direct hits from a tank and it has a secret feature. Any troops that climb in the back are completely healed and given full ammo! Who can say no to that? Not me! Also, if you're all alone in the APC yelling "Jump in!" like a madman and if you come under attack, just hit #2 and you'll warp to the machine gun post and you can mow that mofo down like grass on a Sunday when you're too high to lay around. If you got shot, just jump in the back for a sec to regain your health. With no tanks around, the APC is the most powerful vehicle in the demo.




Server Requirements [top] [home]

CPU/NETWORK 128kbit 256kbit 512kbit T1(1.4mbit) > 2Mbit 10Mbit > T3(45Mbit)
Pentium 3 500Mhz






Pentium 3 800Mhz






Pentium 3 1.3Ghz






Pentium 4 2Ghz





64 (map specific)

Disarming Landmines for Dollars [top] [home]

Okay, you don't actually get money for it, but you can disarm landmines and expaks as an engineer. Just whip out your wrench, crouch down (CTRL) and press fire at the mine or pak and BOOM! (sorry) I mean, PRESTO! It will be disarmed and you can drive over it. Also, you can driver over mines if you go really slow like so slow you're actually just tapping the "w" key repeatedly.....

WTF I don't speak Japanese! [top] [home]

Would you prefer to hear the radio commands in english? I got this info from here

in the game go to options -> sounds -> 2nd page
There you will see the option "English Dialog". If that option is checked, all the axis radio/voice command will be HEARD in English. But if that option is NOT checked then you will hear all commands in the Japanese / German language. Either way, all command text messages will be in English.

Boy Scout Guide [top] [home]

If you're going to go through the trouble of being a scout, you better do it right! First of all realize you are not just a sniper. You are a scout. If your job was only to snipe you would be called a sniper. You're not. deal with it.

Voice Command List [top] [home]

Voice Command list

(already in GO forum, but belongs here)
I have a need for voice command lists so I though I'd share again if you're interested to copy and print.

(#s represent the f1, f2, [etc] keys IE- "41" = f4,f1)

{F8 cancels any voice command menu}

11 - roger
12 - negative

21 - pick-up
22 - reinforcements
23 - anti-tank
24 - naval
25 - air
26 - artillery ready for barrage
27 - APC

31 - armor
32 - infantry
33 - unit
34 - ship
35 - sub
36 - plane
37 - scout

DEFEND/ATTACK: (these are level specific I'd imagine)
41 - landing beach
42 - airfield
43 - s base
44 - closest point
45 - n base
46 - village

53 - defending
54 - attacking

61 - wait
62 - fire
63 - hold fire
64 - fire in hole
65 - medic or repair if you're in a vehicle
66 - take cover
67 - bail out

71 - cover me
72 - hold position
73 - go for enemy flag
74 - fall back
75 - stick together
76 - follow me
77 - go, go



Stupid Splash Screens [top] [home]

Make them go away by going into the 'movie' folder where you have BF installed and deleting it's contents. That will make it so you don't have to wait for the splash screens on startup anymore! Here's a shot of which files and where, I'm too good to you.

Looking Around in a Plane [top] [home]

Hold down the left SHIFT key and try looking around, wohoo!

Tanks, you gotta love 'em [top] [home]

Why walk around and get capped by some n00b with a bar when you can ride in style? Jump in a Sherman and you've got an armour advantage but the Chi Ha can take you out from a distance.

Tank Speed Maneuverability Ranged Fire Armour
Chi Ha Excellent Fair Excellent Fair
Sherman Good Fast Fair Good


Tanks have the thickest armour at the front. Second on the sides, and the weakest on the back. Each tank has a weakspot, on the back deck of both tanks there are gasoline tanks; so either fire there if you can from another tank or shoot your bazooka. You'll see what looks like green fire coming from the gas tanks and then BOOM the tank will explode.

Speed & Maneuverability

Notice the Chi Ha doesn't turn as quick as the Sherman? So if you're the Sherminator you can zip around tight spaces and turn quick, but don't try to outrun anyone or you're toast. Personally, I like to drive around the buildings in the airbase to avoid enemy armour/infantry/planes. It's hard to divebomb me if I'm between two buildings ;)

Ranged Fire

When you fire the Sherman you'll notice the shell drops pretty quick. Don't bother trying to shoot the enemy from far away and shooting the ships at a distance is laughable so don't bother. With the Chi Ha you should stay as far away as you can from the Sherman and pound it from far away.

Admin Server Console Commands [top] [home]

BF1942 console "~"

- Game.listplayers
Every player has an ID number, which is used for kicking/voting
off the player. This command lists those numbers.

- Game.enablefreecamera *
This enables free look mode on clients who are waiting to spawn.
For *, 1 turns free look on, 0 turns it off. Note that this
command can only be run from the server, or by a user that has
remote server access.

- Game.killplayer *
* is equal to the player id number. Note that this command can
only be run from the server, or by a user that has remote server


- Admin.kickplayer *
* is equal to the player id number. Note that this command can
only be run from the server, or by a user that has remote server

- Admin.banplayer *
* is equal to the player id number. Note that this command can
only be run from the server, or by a user that has remote server

- Admin.removeaddressfrombanlist *
* is equal to the IP of a banned player. Note that this command
can only be run from the server, or by a user that has remote
server access.

- Admin.addaddresstobanlist *
* is equal to the IP address to the client that is to be banned.
Note that this command can only be run from the server, or by a
user that has remote server access.

- Admin.clearbanlist
This allows all users that were previously banned to once again
connect to the server. Note that this command can only be run
from the server, or by a user that has remote server access.

- Admin.externalviews *
This command enables/disables external camera views on clients
connected to the server. For *, 1 turns external views on, 0
turns it off. Note that this also disables the nose cam. Also,
note that this command can only be run from the server, or by a
user that has remote server access.

- Admin.listbannedaddresses
Lists the IP addresses that are banned from connecting to the
server. Note that this command can only be run from the server,
or by a user that has remote server access.

- Admin.allownosecam *
This command enables/disables the ability for clients to turn
off the airplane HUD. (Allows easier flying.) For *, 1 turns
nose cam on, 0 turns it off. Also note that if external views
are turned off, nose cam cannot be used. Note that this command
can only be run from the server, or by a user that has remote
server access.


- Game.votekickplayer *
This command will initiate/cast a vote to kick a player. Players
on both teams can participate in this vote. * is equal to the
player id number.

- Game.votekickteamplayer *
This command will initiate/cast a vote to kick a player. Voting
is restricted to the team of the player who initiated the vote.
* is equal to the player id number.

- Admin.votingtime *
This command sets the amount of time clients have to cast a vote
after it has been initiated. * is equal to the number of seconds
clients will have to vote. Note that this command can only be run
from the server, or by a user that has remote server access.


- Admin.enableremoteadmin password
The SERVER needs to have this command executed every map. The
password can include numbers OR letters, but not a combination

The CLIENT that is to have remote admin access is to execute
this command. The password must be the same as the one set on
the server

- Admin.execremotecommand "command"
To execute a command from a client, one would type the
admin.execremotecommand, followed by the desired admin command
in quotation marks. For example, to kick someone with the player
id of 7 from a client machine, one would type the following
(after going through the first two steps of this section.)

Admin.execremotecommand "admin.kickplayer 7"


- Console.showfps *
This toggles the FPS display on and off. For *, 1 turns FPS on
and 0 turns it off.

- Console.showstats *
This toggles the debug stats display on and off. For *, 1 turns
the debug stats display on and 0 turns it off.

- Game.disconnect
This disconnects the player from the current game.

- Game.changeplayername *
This allows a user to quickly change his name. * is equal to the
player name.



To access the console in Battlefield 1942, you need to use the " ~ " tidle key. It is located just above your "Tab Key", this will drop down your console in game where you can enter the specific commands listed below.

game.voteMap #
game.voteKickPlayer (ID)
game.voteKickTeamPlayer (ID)
game.changePlayerName (name)
game.dumpNetworkDebugStats 1/0
game.debugCallBackDisabled 1/0
game.useHUD 1/0
game.setShadows 1/0
game.setEnvironmentMapping 1/0
game.setToolTip 1/0
game.setRadioToolTip 1/0
game.setCrossHairColor # # #
game.setStaticMiniMap 1/0
game.setMiniMapTransparency #
game.RadioToolTipColor # # #
game.enableFreeCamera 1/0
game.killPlayer (ID)
game.setCommonMouseSensitivity #

Air Variables
game.setAirKeyboardSensitivity #
game.setAirMouseSensitivity #
game.setAirMouseInvert 1/0

game.setInfMouseSensitivity #
game.setInfMouseInvert 1/0

game.setLandSeaKeyboardSensitivity #
game.setLandSeaMouseSensitivity #
game.setLandSeaMouseInvert 1/0

game.setConnection (1-4)
game.setDisableSound 1/0
game.setChannels #
game.setMasterVolume #
game.setMenuMusicVolume #
game.setMusicOnOff 1/0
game.setLocalizedDialog 0
game.setQuality #
game.setHardware #
game.setGameDisplayMode 800 600 32 0
game.setDetailTexture #
game.setGraphicsQuality #
game.setLightmaps 1/0
game.setRenderWhenSpawnMenu 1
game.setMenuViewdistance #
game.setEffectsQuality #
game.setPerformance #

admin.enableRemoteConsole (username) (password) #
admin.maxAllowedConnectionType (type)
admin.enableRemoteAdmin (password)
admin.execremotecommand "command"
admin.voteMapMajority #
admin.enableMapVote 1/0
admin.enableKickPlayerVote 1/0
admin.enableKickTeamPlayerVote 1/0
admin.votingTime #
admin.kickPlayer (ID)
admin.banPlayer (ID)
admin.changeMap (map name)
admin.addAddressToBanList (IP)
admin.removeAddressFromBanList (IP)
admin.listBannedAdresses (Lists all banned IPs)
admin.banTime #
admin.tagPlayer (ID) (Not sure)
admin.bandWidthChokeLimit #
admin.allownosecam 1/0
admin.externalviews 1/0
admin.setTicketRatio #
admin.autoBalanceTeam 1/0
admin.delayBeforeStartingGame #
admin.roundDelayBeforeStartingGame #
admin.soldierFFRatio #
admin.vehicleFFratio #
admin.soldierFFRatioOnSplash #
admin.vehcileFFRatioOnSplash #
admin.kickBack #
admin.kickBackOnSplash #
admin.timeLimit #
admin.scoreLimit #
admin.setNextLevel (map)
admin.timeBeforeRestartMap #
admin.SetNrOfRounds #
admin.timeToNextWave #
admin.spawnWaveTime #

renderer.allowAllRefreshRates 1/0
renderer.extrapolateFrame 1/0
renderer.mipMapBias #
renderer.setVSyncEnabled 0/1 0/1

Console.showfps 1/0
Console.showstats 1/0

Sound.setDopplerFactor 1/0
Sound.setRolloffFactor 1/0
Sound.setDistanceFactor 1/0
Sound.setPitchChangeRate #
Sound.showSoundInfo 0
Sound.drawSoundObjects 0

profiler.enable 1/0
profiler.report # # 1/0
profiler.reportfile # # 1/0
profiler.reportfile # # 1/0
profiler.enableTimer (Timer number)
profiler.disableTimer (Timer number)
profiler.enableVTuneForTimer (Timer number)
profiler.disableVTuneForTimer (Timer number)
profiler.enableTimerByName (Timer Name)
profiler.disableTimerByName (Timer Name)
profiler.enableVTuneForTimerFromName (Timer Name)
profiler.disableVTuneForTimerFromName (Timer Name)



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